August 14th


New York born-and-raised artist, Greg "Bettie$" Betty, opens his first art exhibition, Appetite, at Foley Gallery. The 21 year-old artist is currently a student at CCNY in Harlem, New York studying Digital Design working towards a career in graphic design and other creative artistic endeavors.

Bettie$ says he gained inspiration for his pieces from the great Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama and his famous robotic pin-up women artworks. Why the name 'appetite' you might ask? All of the art pieces in this one-day show are digitally altered and futuristically transformed images of vintage pornstars which makes the theme of the exhibit distastefully tasteful, forcing the viewer crave for more. In his pieces, Bettie$ pairs everyday, universal feelings of depression, guilt, lust, greed, confusion, anger, etc. with the female body.


"Physically, sexually, mentally, and emotionally there are a lot of places on or within women that are mysterious to a lot of us men. I always wondered why everything we do, consciously or unconsciously, is to either impress, catch the attention of, or provide for women. That's why with all of these pieces I tried to give them a very galactic feeling, because like women, we might think we know a lot about the galaxy but we really don't know as much as we may think. They're our own universe."



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